Thrifty Crafting - Upcycling Sweaters

I bought this great sweater about a year ago when I was pregnant because it was only, like, $2.50 at Kohl's or some place like that. I really liked the color, I love cable knit sweaters, and it was sooooo soft. Also, $2.50. I figured I would be able to wear it this winter.

Too bad it turned out that it looks TERRIBLE on me. Just really, truly shitty. It just fits horribly and I know that I will never, ever wear it. Ever. Even though it is so soft, and such a great color, and has the PERFECT length sleeves. Never effing ever.

So, I will unravel that SOB and add the yarn to my stash! This is actually a really great way to add some unique or higher quality yarns to your stash. Think about how much you would pay for enough yarn to knit or crochet a sweater. Now think about how much you might pay for a sweater at a yard sale or thrift shop. Un-ravelling a sweater can sometimes be a little tedious, but for a budget conscious crafter, can be well worth the hassle.

  • Scarves, shawls, and blankets are often easier to unravel than sweaters.
  • If the sweater pieces are sewn together, it will be easier to unravel the item if you unpick the seams first.
  • Items that haven't been washed many times are often easier to unravel, because the fibers haven't become enmeshed with each other.

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