Frida Kahlo Hoopla

My neighbor and friend, Joi, is a huge Frida Kahlo fan, so I made her a cute little Frida for her birthday using felt applique and embroidery techniques. The fabric that I used is a recycled vintage pillowcase, which I knew she would appreciate because she likes to re-purpose vintage linens in her own crafty endeavors.

I used a bit of metallic floss, which I normally loathe working with because it is so goddamned fiddly, to give Frida little teardrop dangly earrings. For the flowers in her hair, I used DMC Satin flosses, and used plain ol' cotton floss for the other details. I like the plushness that the satin floss lends to the blooms.

I used variegated floss in a complimentary color scheme to blanket stitch a piece of felt onto the back to give it a nice, clean look, and attached a ribbon to the hardware on the hoop for hanging.


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    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fon and I think I might have to do something similar for myself.