Just Look at That Stumpwork - QuirkieCraft

I just wanted to share some amazing stumpwork that I stumbled across. If you aren't familiar with stumpwork, it is an embroidery technique that creates 3D pieces of stitching. It is totally amazing, and something I have yet to delve into. Anyhow, I am just in love with the pieces that QuirkyCraft creates, totally up my alley! I especially like her pieces that are nature inspired; insect themed art is my favorite!

She hasn't posted in a while, but I highly suggest going to her blog to check out her work. She has a lot of really great pieces that aren't stumpwork, too, like these beautiful screenprinted pieces.


Star Wars Snowflakes

I am sure that I have mentioned that we are huge Star Wars fans in this house, haven't I?

Well, I discovered these awesome Star Wars snowflakes back in 2012, and have made them every year since. Anthony Herrera, the creator of these awesome nerdy winter decorations, is seriously my hero.

My favorite from the 2012 series is the X-Wing. Anthony has since then created a 2013 series (love the Tusken raider and Boba Fett!)  and a 2014 series (look at that Wampa)!!


Pretty-fying Pots for Your Plants

We have been having such dreary, wet weather here in Northern California recently, and it has made me yearn for sitting outside in the sun, fussing over my potted succulent garden. So, of course, I have been sitting inside, on the internet, looking at ways to decorate pots. Behold, tutorials!

mod podged planters 004
Gotta love a little bit of glitz (without being overwhelming!!) on these awesome gold leaf planters over at Mod Podge Rocks. I really love the gray one, but the aqua one would match my other pots so well!

Now, I'm not exactly a girly-girl, but I love these decoupaged lace containers over at Urban Comforts. What a great way to use vintage textiles in an unconventional way. 

Everyone is still on the chevron bandwagon, right? Gibb Gabb showed us how to chevron your pots back in 2011, back before everyone was chevron-crazed.

Design Sponge shows us how to put chalkboard "labels" on terra cotta pots, which I think would be perfect for herbs in your kitchen for some indoor gardening! You can even find downloadable templates for the different labels, and I can also think of about a thousand and one other uses for those templates.


I'm still here!

I would just like to let you guys know that I am still here! Back in May, my dinosaur laptop gave it's last breathe. I haven't been able to get a new (used) computer until this month, and it is currently being cleaned and fixed up. I should have it by Christmas (also my birthday!), and plan to be back in action as soon as possible. I have quite a series of posts planned for the new year. Stay tuned, dear readers!