Gardening For Those That Kill Everything

I really love being surrounded by tons of plants, but I honestly suck at them. My thumb has gotten lightly greener this past year or so, but I still really need to stick to low maintenance plants, otherwise I face a lot of disappointment when I eventually accidentally neglect my plants for a few days and kill off all of the delicate ones. That's one of the main reasons that I love succulents so much. They can survive a whole hell of a lot.

Succulents are plants that contain unusually fleshy bits, usually leaves, that help them store water. This makes them perfect for dry climates, or in places where they may not get watered on a regular basis (i.e. my home). One time, I had to move, but was going to be staying with friends for over a week while transitioning. I kept all of my belonging, including my succulent plants, in a storage locker during that time, and the plants were fiiiine. Talk about low maintenance! Also, another really cool think about these plants is that they are really easy to propagate. You pretty much can usually just cut a part of the pant off, stick it in water or soil, and it will end up growing a new plant. Totally awesome. For more information on how to do that, check out Cookie + Kate's great tutorial on how to propagate a succulent.

It's easy to find succulents at your local nursery, home improvement store, or sometimes even gift shops. However, if you'd like a variety of different plants at a low cost, while supporting an independent business, you should check out 5 Star Succulents on etsy. They cuttings for sale, anywhere from three to one hundred gorgeous cuttings, for as low as $3.99. They also offer grown plants. I haven't ordered from them yet, but if I do, I will post some pictures once I get them planted. The time it takes for them to be cut and shipped is the perfect time for them to grow a callus for propagating, too!

Succulents are also really great plants for terrariums. Because they are so low maintenance, you really only need to give them a spray of water every now and then, and they will THRIVE. Terrariums are a lot of fun because you can really make them to fit your personality. Adding fun little things to them is one of the best parts about DIY terrariums. I've put mini grave stones with zombies, little skulls, and tiny bird cages in mine. For a tutorial on making your own DIY terrariums, here is a great one over at The Pleated Poppy. For some inexpensive and eclectic vessels, I recommend scouring thrift stores and yard sales. Most cities have really great free sections on Craigslist if you are thrifty, and I've also seen some great over-sized apothecary jars for $20 or less at Marshall's. 

You can also plant them in just about anything, which is cool. I've upcycled some of my mom's collection of mismatched thrift store wine glasses into containers for small succulents and I've also used large candle holders from the Dollar Store. With any container that doesn't have drainage, set it up sort of like a terrarium, and you'll be fine. That's what I do.
I've seen people use teacups, doll heads, all sorts of awesome things to use as planters, your imagination is really the limit. And if your imagination really is limited, all you have to do is run a quick Google search, or you can check out my Pinterest board on Gardening for inspiration and more tutorials and suppliers.

Happy planting!

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