Felt Finger Puppets

Awhile back, I made a whole mess of finger puppets for my boyfriend's children. I had so much fun making them, and they used minimal amounts of materials that I already had on hand.Pretty much just felt, embroidery floss, some ribbon, and buttons.

I used glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss on the jelly, he's my favorite. To make his tentacles, I used a tiny crochet hook and chain stitched some embroidery floss, mixing variegated floss with the glow floss.

I was going to make a big, bad wolf to go with the three little piggies, but realized that I was out of grey felt! I suppose that I could have made one out of brown felt, but for some reason, I just had my heart set on a grey wolf. I finally bought some grey felt, so I suppose it's time to make the wolf.

Look how cute my boys are :) I can't believe how much P has grown, he's such a big boy now!

 Look at that tiny little hand!

And here's a peek at the creative process:

Would you be interested in a tutorial outlining the basic construction of these little guys? If enough people want me to, I could be persuaded to make a photo tutorial for y'all ;)

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