DIY Jellyfish Lantern

I just can't believe how amazing these lanterns are. And the great news is that they can be done incredibly inexpensively, with primarily dollar store items! The most expensive part is the lantern assembly, but you could probably upcycle some cheap lantern from the thrift store. You could also make these with glow sticks, for some temporary lighting. I just absolutely love these, and am going to have to make a least one of these bad boys this summer, though I think I'll end up making a few in different sizes to group together, like a big bloom (swarm) of them. So pretty!

Head on over to Germani Decor for a great tutorial on how to make you own amazing jelly lantern.


  1. Hey Mia... thanks for sending your fellow crafty folks my way... those Jellyfish lanterns are sure a total hit... FYI - Ikea has the light fixtures for $5.00 ea
    :) <3 <3

  2. Ooooh, thanks for the tip! I used to live so close to an Ikea that I could see the sign from my balcony, now the closest Ikea is over an hour away! :'(