Felt Finger Puppets

Awhile back, I made a whole mess of finger puppets for my boyfriend's children. I had so much fun making them, and they used minimal amounts of materials that I already had on hand.Pretty much just felt, embroidery floss, some ribbon, and buttons.


DIY Jellyfish Lantern

I just can't believe how amazing these lanterns are. And the great news is that they can be done incredibly inexpensively, with primarily dollar store items! The most expensive part is the lantern assembly, but you could probably upcycle some cheap lantern from the thrift store. You could also make these with glow sticks, for some temporary lighting. I just absolutely love these, and am going to have to make a least one of these bad boys this summer, though I think I'll end up making a few in different sizes to group together, like a big bloom (swarm) of them. So pretty!

Head on over to Germani Decor for a great tutorial on how to make you own amazing jelly lantern.

Who Do YOU Recomend I Read?

I've noticed that a lot of the blogs that I followed when I first started this blog are no longer posting. And others? Well, the content, while helpful, usually isn't exactly to my tastes. Perhaps I followed for the crafting tutorials for inspiration and how-to, but still have to heavily modify the supplies or design to make it something I'd actually like. I also just have some more time on my hands these days for reading blogs, so I find myself running out of new material to read.

So, who are YOU reading? Do you have a blog of your own that you want me to check out? I'm primarily interested in crafting or motherhood blogs, but I really have a wide variety of interests. SERIOUS bonus points if it's somehow punk rock, metalhead, or nerd geared. Please leave comments below, I need some new reading material! Hook it up.


Gardening For Those That Kill Everything

I really love being surrounded by tons of plants, but I honestly suck at them. My thumb has gotten lightly greener this past year or so, but I still really need to stick to low maintenance plants, otherwise I face a lot of disappointment when I eventually accidentally neglect my plants for a few days and kill off all of the delicate ones. That's one of the main reasons that I love succulents so much. They can survive a whole hell of a lot.