Starghan Completed!

It took me forever, mostly because of my super lazy crocheting habits, but I finally finished the starghan that I started way back in October for my baby boy. I blogged about it last month here, and you can find a link to a pattern there, as well as what I did to alter it.


I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and 5.00 mm hook, and it drapes quite nicely.
When Boardwalk Empire started, I watched the first season, and really enjoyed it, but never kept up with it after the first season. Since moving two and a half weeks ago, I've had a lot of time on my hands while I wait for my temp job to start, so I've been catching up on what I missed with Boardwalk Empire and crocheting.

My good friend is due just about two weeks before me, so I am using the leftover yarn from this project to make her a blanket in the same color scheme.

Here is a bonus photo of my cat, Harvey, "helping" me by stealing my scissors, and then meowing at me because I told him to drop 'em.

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