Allergies and Earrings

I very recently went to Seattle, which was a ton of fun! I went to the the Hempfest that they have up there, this year was Seattle's 20th year. What originally started off as a small protest against marijuana prohibition certainly has blossomed into a wonderful gathering with a purpose. There were amazing vendors, great music on three stages, and awesome food for three straight days. Located right on the waterfront, the scenery was gorgeous! It was a little too hot for my Bay Area tastes, but those Seattle natives must have been dying! Despite the heat, Seattle still remains one of my favorite American cities.

Anyhow, one thing that totally sucks about traveling is that always end up getting beat upside my head by allergies for at least a week. I took advantage of feeling like crap and wanting sit on my butt in front of the TV by cranking out a bunch of feather and beaded earrings. I made a few pairs, but mostly singles since I like to wear two different long earrings in the second hole of just one ear. Anyhow, here are two of my favorites:

This one has five strands of various materials, one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. I love rainbows and this beauty really sparkles in the light. It measures 7 inches at it's longest point.

My favorite color combination - lime and turquoise!

I've already sold quite a few of my beaded and feather earrings to my friends and co-workers. Pretty soon they'll be available for purchase online. I'm also thinking that I'll be giving a few pairs and/or singles once I reach 25 or so followers.

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