I am a crazy person.

I just got home. Other than two hours last Thursday, this is the first time I've been home in nine days. I feel like I have been driving through the night and most of the morning. Probably because I have. I am so full of caffeine, I am practically vibrating. I'm pretty sure that if I tried to hold a conversation that lasted more than a few sentences, someone would try to commit me.  But, boy! Did I have fun! I spent a few days in Reno, NV before heading back to San Francisco Bay Area (for the previously mentioned two hours) and then I headed up to Portland, OR. On the way back, we had to go a bit out of the way to Crescent City, CA before coming back to the Bay. But I'm finally home!

Now, I think I'll cuddle on the couch with my doggie and pass out for the next year!


Chair Redo Roundup

I am on a crafting budget. And by budget, I mean that money is tight right now and I have zero to spend on crafting and decorating.

I have decided that I desperately need to give an old chair a new life. I have been scouring my local Craigslist's free section daily for a chair. I need something pretty and scrolly. I know that 'scrolly' is not a word, but I think that it conveys what I mean very well. I haven't found my perfect chair to re-paint and re-upholster, but I have not given up hope. I will find that chair!


MaaP Studio - Etsy Seller

So, I planned on blogging about something else entirely tonight, but when I was reading my blog feed, I saw something that I just had to share.

I instantly fell in love with the jewelry that Monika creates over at MaaP Studio.
Like, freakishly in love.
Like, if I were slightly less responsible, I'd put off paying some bills just so I could own a piece from her and her husband's shop. 

Monika uses porcelain to sculpt her jewelry, creating translucent and ethereal beauty. Each one of her pieces seems to evoke the feel of delicate flowers or an underwater paradise.

Did I say yet that I am in love with this jewelry artist?

Oh, I guess that I did.

Seriously, though. I am.

I just can't get over the color palette, too.
 All colors are very soft and muted, which just adds to the beauty of the pieces. Soft cool blues, gentle corals, sweet pale yellows, and glowing white really make these pieces so sweet and delicate.

Honestly, I usually wear black with splashes of brights, but I would totally rock these delicate colors.

Ohmyfreakinggawsh, I need one of these pieces. So badly that I can barely handle it.
Luckily, Etsy Stalker has paired up with MaaP to have a giveaway for a gorgeous ring!

Head over here to read more about Monika and her creative process, as well as a chance to win a piece of wearable art.


Jewelry Tutorial Roundup

 I have a tendency to go through crafting phases. I like to try everything. Jewelry making is one of those phases that I revisit often. I've been browsing tutorials to pick up some new techniques and to get inspired, so I thought I'd share a few of my recent favorites. Click on the photo for a direct link to the tutorial, or head over and browse around the blog by clicking on the link in each caption.

Have fun creating!

Lace and Pearl Bracelet at Flamingo Toes

Peacock Earrings at Design by Night

Beaded & Crocheted Bracelet at Green Eyed Monster
Mini Polaroid Necklace at Polish The Stars


Fabric Flower Necklace

Tomorrow is the birthday of a very good friend, Rose. And in my typical ways, I put off making a gift until the last minute. Her birthday party is tonight.
She is totally a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but she loves to wear jewelry. Especially handmade. She and I often have little jewelry making get-togethers where we sit in front of the TV with beers and pliers in hand, watching horror films.

I've been seeing these flower necklaces everywhere, so I thought I'd try one. I used this tutorial, over at Home Spun Threads, to make the flowers. Then I stitched a piece of black felt to the back. I've seen a lot of tutorials where they put the jump rings through the felt, but I am no stranger to how easily felt can stretch over time, so I secured my jump rings to the felt with a bunch of stitches. And when I say a bunch, I really mean overkill. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but at least it gives to a good idea of what the necklace looks like. I used a different sized shiny black button for the center of each bloom, there are three blooms in total. I used a toggle clasp, because I know Rose likes them. I prefer lobster clasps, but to each their own!

This is a super easy project that you can whip up in no time. The hardest part of making this necklace was getting the drape of the second chain right.


Lime & Turquoise Treasury

Have I mentioned recently that my favorite color combination is lime and turquoise? I have? Oh, well, I'm mentioning it again. I put together and Etsy Treasury celebrating that refreshing and bright combo.
I've discovered that putting together treasuries are pretty much a lot of fun, and a really great way to kill a little bit of time. I spend a lot of time checking out different stores and items, so I might as well share some of my finds, right? Anyhow, click on the image below to see the whole treasury.

Edited to add a screenshot of the whole shebang.


Allergies and Earrings

I very recently went to Seattle, which was a ton of fun! I went to the the Hempfest that they have up there, this year was Seattle's 20th year. What originally started off as a small protest against marijuana prohibition certainly has blossomed into a wonderful gathering with a purpose. There were amazing vendors, great music on three stages, and awesome food for three straight days. Located right on the waterfront, the scenery was gorgeous! It was a little too hot for my Bay Area tastes, but those Seattle natives must have been dying! Despite the heat, Seattle still remains one of my favorite American cities.

Anyhow, one thing that totally sucks about traveling is that always end up getting beat upside my head by allergies for at least a week. I took advantage of feeling like crap and wanting sit on my butt in front of the TV by cranking out a bunch of feather and beaded earrings. I made a few pairs, but mostly singles since I like to wear two different long earrings in the second hole of just one ear. Anyhow, here are two of my favorites:

This one has five strands of various materials, one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. I love rainbows and this beauty really sparkles in the light. It measures 7 inches at it's longest point.

My favorite color combination - lime and turquoise!

I've already sold quite a few of my beaded and feather earrings to my friends and co-workers. Pretty soon they'll be available for purchase online. I'm also thinking that I'll be giving a few pairs and/or singles once I reach 25 or so followers.


Key Wall Art - Mod Podge Rocks!

When I saw this little piece of wall art over at Mod Podge Rocks!, I completely fell in love.
I am such a sucker for lime green and turquoise, and I love 3-D artwork and shadow boxes. I think it would look equally stunning if you used pink paint paired with black and white polka dot fabric.
Amy was kind enough to put together a wonderful tutorial, which can be found here.
Now, I don't exactly have a key shadow box laying around, but I'm going to be on the lookout for inexpensive skeleton keys and an ornate thrift store frame so that I can make my own version.
I highly suggest that you peruse the rest of her blog for tons of projects utilizing that crafting staple that we all know and love, Mod Podge.


New Blog Coming Soon!

I just started this blog today.

I will soon be blogging about my crafty endeavors as well as my foray into fixing p and redecorating my new home!

Check back soon for updates and a new layout!

In the mean time, follow me on Twitter. I tweet about tutorials, crafty giveaways, and all kinds of other crafty goodness.